Club Rules



Revised:  May, 2015

The following rules and regulations have been established to provide for and to protect the interests of the Club Members. Parents are requested to caution their children to observe all rules and to obey the instructions of the Pool Manager and the staff. Any failure to comply with these rules shall be considered sufficient cause for immediate suspension of pool privileges for the offending member for a period of 1 to 7 days, and it can be considered sufficient cause for cancellation of membership. Management and Lifeguards are responsible for enforcing these Rules and Regulations:

Pool Schedule

  1. The pool shall open on or about Memorial Day and shall close on or about Labor Day. Exact dates shall be determined by the Board of Directors.
  2. From opening day until the end of the school year:
  3. a. From Memorial Day to last day of public school, hours to be posted yearly by BOD.
    b. Weekend hours will be normal hours but hours during week will change daily.

  4. From the end of the school year until the end of the season:
  5. a. The pool will be open from Monday – Thursday 12:00 p.m. until 7:00 pm and Friday – Sunday 1:00 pm until 9:00 pm.
    b. From first day of school until Labor Day pool hours to be determined.

  6. Schedule is subject to change, based on staff availability.
  7. All program swimming practices will be Monday – Thursday in mornings before the pool opens and mornings and evenings Tuesday and Thursday. No practices on Friday.

Note: The pool will be closed when necessary for maintenance, special programs, schedule changes or inclement weather. We will notify you of these changes by sending you an email notification and or posting with a sign at the property.

Entrance Procedure

While information will be posted at the beginning of the pool season, general entrance procedures are as follows:
Members shall check in at the desk upon entering the grounds and allow the staff person to check their identification cards kept on file. They shall give their names and the names of any guests that are with them. They shall sign in all guests on the guest book page with their member number at the top.

Members are responsible for the following Information procedures:

  1. Identification cards or rolodex cards should have complete medical and dental information entered.
  2. Identification or Membership cards shall have a current photo of the member. It is the responsibility of the member to provide these photos as needed for all family members who have a card.
  3. Children 13 years and older are allowed at the pool without direct supervision. They need to be advised of the rules and regulations of the pool by the adult members of their family.

Children who are unable to meet the expectations of the pool rules will be suspended of this privilege (no supervision) for 7 days. Any subsequent suspensions after the first one are subject to Management and Board action.


Guests may be brought in any time the pool is open for general membership use.

The procedure for guests is:

  1. All guests must be registered at the front desk. The member registering the guest(s) must remain on the Club premises with his/her guest(s) as long as the guest(s) stay(s). The adult member shall be responsible for the guest(s) and his/her behavior. A Guest Form must be filled out to track guests to a member’s membership (this includes ALL parties as well).
  2. Minors under age 13 by December 1 of the current year may not register guests without the express written permission of an adult member of the same membership, which written permission shall be retained by the Club.
  3. The term “guest privilege day” means a single calendar day. A membership is limited to five (5) local guests during a guest privilege day, unless the member has made written application to the Pool Manager or the Pool Manager’s designated alternate at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance and has received approval of that application. The application shall be retained by the Club.
  4. Guest fees will be collected at the time the guest enters the grounds.
  5. Guest fees will be $6.00 for each non-member over six (6) years of age for the first 3 visits in a calendar month and $10 per visit per calendar month thereafter.

Private Parties: (All types per By-Law Section 5):

  1. Private parties at Northwood Club, Inc are encouraged. Private Parties can be arranged through the Pool Manager on a first come, first served basis. Parties are to be limited to not more that 25 persons unless prior approval is given by the Manager. For parties over 50 people approval must be given by the Board of Directors. It will be the Pool Management’s sole responsibility to assure that there are no schedule conflicts with other pool events and/or parties.
  2. Pavilion Use: Management will designate a party location based on availability of the pavilion. A party may only use one (1) half of the pavilion at any time for less than 25 people. Parties greater than 25 people may reserve the entire pavilion with approval by the Pool Manager. Parties are responsible for cleaning up the pavilion area they used, when the party is over.
  3. Fees for the pavilion will be set annually by the Board of Directors
  4. Parties will be booked through the Event Coordinator. That person will maintain a Google Doc that the pool manager will review periodically.

Club Property


  1. No pets allowed.
  2. No glass containers of any kind are permitted.
  3. All children under 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult after 6:00 p.m.
  4. All persons using the pool and grounds do so at their own risk. The Club will not be liable for any accident or injury in connection with use.
  5. The cost of any property damage, deliberate or due to carelessness, will be charged to the responsible member. Members damaging property(such as hanging on the basketball rim) will be given 1 warning. The 2nd offense will result in expulsion from the Club for a period of at least 2 consecutive days.
  6. No abusive language will be permitted.
  7. Any clothing with inappropriate language, suggestive actions, behaviors, or any others themes that are deemed not appropriate in the spirit of a family pool environment will be prohibited.
  8. Members shall drive slowly and carefully on the driveway and in the parking area. Maximum speed 10 mph)
  9. All bicycle riders shall use the bike rack to the right of the pool entrance.
  10. The Club will not be responsible for the loss or damage of personal property.
  11. Northwood pool grounds are Smoke Free. There is, however, a designated area near the parking lot for smoking.
  12. Persons using the Club property are responsible for cleaning up their refuse, trash, discarded objects and general debris at all times.
  13. All persons using the Pavilion will keep it neat and clean. You may not throw sports balls and equipment in the building or on the building at any time.
  14. You may use the pavilion for eating and socializing, you may not loiter without purpose. You must store your personal items elsewhere when you are not using them.

Concrete Deck:

  1. Street shoes will be allowed on the pool deck but not on the pool apron.
  2. No running, pushing, wrestling, ball playing or undue disturbances will be permitted.
  3. No expectorating (spitting) is permitted on the pool grounds in general.
  4. No beverages or food allowed on the concrete deck.
  5. No socializing with, visiting with, or distracting life guards on duty.

Main and Wading Pool:

  1. All bathers, tennis players, and volleyball players should shower before entering the pool.
  2. Admission to the pool may be refused to anyone with skin abrasions, colds, cough, inflamed eyes, infections, wearing bandages etc.
  3. Expectorating, blowing of nose, and chewing gum is prohibited.
  4. No ball playing, horseplay or undue disturbances will be permitted in or around the pools.
  5. No small balls of any kind including tennis balls inner tubes, large surf mats, metal, wood or hard plastic toys, water squirt guns or toys, etc. will be permitted in the large pool area.
  6. Back and arm floats, used to teach swimming, will be permitted in the large pool if the adult is within reach of the child in the pool.
  7. Use of the wading pool shall be normally limited to children under six years of age. No lifeguard on duty at the wading pool; therefore,children must be under the direct supervision of a responsible parent or adult at the wading pool and parents must be aware that they are swimming at their own risk. Children able to use the main pool without adult supervision will not be permitted to use the wading pool regardless of age.
  8. Children who have not reached their eighth birthday before December 1 of the current year will not be permitted within the main pool area unless accompanied by an adult.
  9. In order to gain access to the deep end of the large pool, a member must be able to complete the basic water test which consists of: swimming one length of the pool and treading water for two minutes.
  10. Children under five must wear close fitting suits. The changing of diapers and swim suits shall be done in the bath house.
  11. Wearing of glasses is prohibited within the main pool unless the lenses are plastic and glasses are held in place by Croakies. Wearing glasses is subject to random inspection by the lifeguards.
  12. Anyone who has experienced diarrhea within a previous 24 hour period is not permitted to enter the water.

Diving Board and Slide:

  1. No more than one person will be permitted on a diving board or slide (including steps).
  2. Before diving or sliding, the preceding person must have reached the ladder.
  3. Divers/sliders must swim directly to the ladder.
  4. Diving or jumping from the diving board must be done off the front of the board only.
  5. No horseplay, excessive bouncing, or running is permitted on or around the diving board or slide.
  6. No one is permitted to catch any person coming off the board or slide.
  7. Swimming in the diving well is permitted only when the guard has suspended diving and sliding.
  8. Violation of these or any posted or publicly displayed rules and regulations pertaining to the use of the diving board or slide in general is prohibited.

Extracurricular Activities: Property of the Club:

  1. Ping Pong
  2. Tether Ball (Limit 2 player at a time to avoid unnecessary injury)
  3. Shuffle Board
  4. Basket Ball, rim and poles
  5. Volley Balls and nets
  6. Soccer balls, goals and nets
  7. It is the parental members’ responsibilities to ensure that their children’s use of any extracurricular games/activities that are the property of the club are returned in the condition which they were received. Typical wear and tear is expected, any excessive damage caused by misuse, intentional or otherwise, will result in replacement of the item(s) at the member’s expense.
  8. Grills that are provided by the Club can only be used by adult pool members.

Bath House:

  1. Appropriate use, behavior, and conduct will be monitored by pool staff.
  2. Parents will be responsible for their children’s behavior while using the bath house.
  3. Please be mindful of others and clean up after yourself.

Tennis Courts:

  1. Smooth soled shoes and shirts must be worn on the court.
  2. Trash must be thrown away.
  3. When others are waiting to play please limit play to 60 minutes.
  4. No food or glass on the court.
  5. Profanity will not be tolerated.
  6. Practice good sportsmanship.

Digital and Electronic Device Use:

All electronics’ (cell phones, camera’s, camcorders, and lap tops) are the sole responsibility of the owner. These devices need to be kept at a safe distance from the pools edge. They are to be used discreetly, safely, conscientiously, and with regard to families and children of all ages being nearby. Content verbally and visually needs to be kept appropriate at all times while on the property of Northwood. Distribution of any photos without consent of the person in the photo is prohibited. Any liability associated with this kind of activity is at your expense. Any loss, damage or theft is not the responsibility of Northwood Club, but the sole responsibility of the owner.

Northwood Swim and Tennis Club Alcohol Rules
(approved in 2014)

    Northwood Swim and Tennis Club does not encourage or condone alcoholic consumption; however, alcohol is permitted on Northwood Property under the following minimum rules / guidelines:

  1. Northwood is a family based facility and discretion is requested while consuming alcohol on Northwood Property.
  2. Alcohol is not to be consumed or allowed to be consumed by underage members or guests. Northwood has the right to request proof of age before consumption of alcohol is allowed on Northwood Property.
  3. Alcohol is only permitted on the grassy areas and within the pavilion but not permitted on the pool concrete deck area.
  4. Alcoholic beverages must be in unbreakable containers and containers cannot be left unattended. Proper disposal of alcoholic containers is required.
  5. Individual alcoholic containers are limited to 16 ounces or less and not to exceed (12) containers. Prior approval of the Northwood Board of Directors is required for larger alcoholic containers such as kegs, etc. to be permitted on Northwood Property and limited to be only located within the pavilion area.
  6. Alcohol is not permitted to be sold on Northwood Property.
  7. All general alcohol rules and regulations pertain also to member guests.
  8. Members or guests who do not follow the rules and/ or exhibit any improper, unruly or drunken behavior will be requested to leave Northwood Property immediately and be subject to further disciplinary action by the Northwood Board of Directors.
  9. Reminder that in Maryland a person is legally intoxicated and not permitted to operate motor vehicles if their blood alcohol level is .08 or higher.

Your continued cooperation with Northwood’s rules and regulations will help make a safe and enjoyable season for everyone.