Pavilion Rental

Northwood Swim club offers Pavilion rentals to only Members. The rental is for 2 hours of Pavilion use. Use of the pool is until pool closes.

The costs are:

0 – 30 people – half of the pavilion can be reserved by members with no charge.
A $25 fee will be assessed to any member that reserves the pavilion and doesn’t show up.
A $25 clean up fee will be assessed if the pavilion is not properly cleaned after use.
All Guests must pay guest fees to attend a party at Northwood.
BOD must approve for parties over 30 people
Parties that continue past closing add $25.00/hour/per life guard
For larger parties, the pool and facilities are available for private rental before or after regular hours for the following costs.
 0-25 people $75/hr,
26-50 people $100/hr
51-75 people $125,
76-100 people $150
***All non members even non-swimming guests will be charged guest fees.***
Pavilion Rental

Pavilion Rental

Date needed for Rental
Time needed for Rental
Number of People