Installment Plan

By signing up for the installment plan, you are agreeing to pay your annual dues in installments of $100.  For those members whose dues are $575, this amount will be $600 ($25 has been added to account for PayPal fees) made in six installments of $100.  For members with credits whose dues are less than $575, you will pay the amount shown on your invoice plus $25 to account for PayPal fees.  You will pay in monthly installments of $100 as well, but your payments will not continue for six full months.  You will be notified when the balance that you owe is less than $100 so that your recurring payments may be discontinued.  Please e-mail with any questions.


Your recurring payments must be made starting in November of 2021.  Failure to make all payments will result in suspension of membership until all payments have been made. 


Please click the button below to begin your Installment payments.